New Album "The Music of My Heart" by Ilaria Della Bidia

Spadoni Production

Feb 8, 2001

We are delighted to announce that Ilaria Della Bidia's new love cover songs album CD digipack is available!

"The Music of My Heart" collects some of the most beloved songs of all time that have remained dearest to Ilaria’s heart throughout her life and career around the world resonant with Italian traditions and Cinema-dreamland creating a magical atmosphere with growing brio and elegance.

Italian, English, Spanish, French, there are many languages and styles with which Ilaria plays and dances with her voice in this trove of famous songs, a real window on her heart: with that elegant joy and spontaneity that most characterize her together with the rare ability to combine the lightness of the heart with the depth of the soul.

"Every relationship, every culture, every look and memory are for me an authentic treasure that I wanted to embrace in music and let it ring forever, thanks and with the precious support of the maestro arranger Attilio Di Giovanni and Spadoni Production."